My descriptions of the settings in Our Darkest Night are based on visits I’ve made to northern Italy, Austria, and Poland, and with one notable exception the places that appear in the novel all still exist and can be visited today (or, rather, in the not-too-distant future once pandemic-related restrictions are no longer in force). The exception, of course, is the village of Mezzo Ciel. It is entirely a product of my imagination, though in its essentials it differs little from any other village of its size on the slopes of Monte Grappa. I should also add that there is a real Mezzo Ciel in the region, though it is little more than a crossroads marked by a cluster of farmhouses. I hope its residents will forgive me for giving the name of their village to my fictional version, but given that it translates as “halfway to heaven” how could I resist? (The real Mezzo Ciel is located a few kilometers north of San Zenone.)

If you’d like to see pictures of the buildings and landscapes I describe in the book, please click on the Photos and Videos tab on the left-hand side of this page.

Spoiler warning: if you haven’t yet read Our Darkest Night there are details in the maps below that may act as spoilers.

The village of Mezzo Ciel

illustrated map of the fictional village of Mezzo Ciel

Regional map of Mezzo Ciel and surrounding villages and towns

map of the region north of Bassano del Grappa including the fictional village of Mezzo Ciel

Map of Europe including places mentioned in Our Darkest Night

map of Europe and places that appear in Our Darkest Night