The bombing that took place during the Second World War altered urban Britain dramatically; many of the streets and buildings I mention in this book have now vanished or been so altered as to be unrecognizable. A project by the National Library of Scotland, freely available online, overlays historic maps on current maps [] of Great Britain, thereby allowing you to compare the before-and-after with ease.

If you’re interested in seeing what the buildings I mention in Goodnight from London look like today (those that still exist), or are curious as to what replaced them, or if you would like to get a sense of where the places I mention are in relation to one another, I’ve created a Goodnight from London map via Google Maps. Feel free to visit (and use the Street View option to take a closer look). You can find it online here.

You may also be interested in visiting; its digitized bomb census maps provide a startling and powerful insight into the sheer volume of explosives that were dropped on London alone during the Blitz.