Early reviews for Somewhere in France

Hello everyone — it’s been a while since I posted any news, and in my absence some lovely reviews have come in for Somewhere in France.

Publishers Weekly has this to say:

“Robson’s first novel examines the dynamic between love and duty in the midst of historical tragedy […] Robson’s skillful ability with detail and setting firmly relates the grotesqueries of war without gratuitous gore. Her deft touch as a storyteller keeps readers engaged in the story of the lovers, as well as illuminating the bigger picture of the war raging around them.”

The American Library Association’s Booklist also has words of praise:

“Robson’s first novel evocatively captures the feeling of the time as it follows the adventures of independent Lady Elizabeth “Lilly” Neville-Ashford […] Robson intermingles the overarching themes of love, war, and societal strictures in this appealing read that should resonate with fans of Downton Abbey.”

And RT Reviews also loves it:

Downton Abbey fans will be thrilled to move beyond the estate and glimpse life on the front lines as Robson’s heroine bravely defies convention, becoming an ambulance driver and leaving class strictures far behind. With its accurate portrayal of the era, from the stately British mansions to the horrors of the Front, this powerful, touching novel is also a tribute to the brave men and women caught in the Great War. Robson’s debut is filled with history and realism yet still romantic.”

I’ll be back soon with details of events related to the launch of Somewhere in France — only five weeks to go!